Tuesday, October 4, 2011

Day 4 - Tuesday, October 4, 2011 - God's Red Rover Team

I remember sitting in a small group Bible study one summer being suddenly struck with inspiration.  It was almost overwhelming.  The urgency was so strong I didn't really know what to do with it.  It was in that moment where I realized my calling in life was much bigger than anything I could do on my own.  I became so excited realizing that God had something very special for me to do.  I felt selected, chosen, like when the really cool kid at school selects YOU to be on his Red Rover team...but it felt even better than that.  Can you imagine?!  I remember thinking things were about to get interesting.  I remember even telling some of my friends, with tears in my eyes and my heart pounding as I spoke, how I felt the calling of God on my life.  And then?  That was it.  It was like reaching the top of the highest peak on a roller coaster ride and just staying there.  And there is where I have stayed for most of the time since.  But now I am beginning to think that is just where God wants me.  I think sometimes we equate a special calling of God on our lives to something major, monumental, or life-altering.  We think in terms of selling all of our possessions and moving across the world to live in grass huts and share Christ with the natives day in and day out.  And YES, praise God for those who do just THAT.  But for most of us, that is not in the cards for us.  Each day, I realize God's calling has everything to do with just where I am.  It includes telling my boys about how much Jesus loves them and encouraging them to show the love of Christ by simply taking a batch of cookies to a neighbor.  Or it must be honoring to the Lord when I rock my baby girl and tell her how much she is loved by her King while singing a song about it in her ear while she sleeps.  Or what about the people that surround me everywhere I go everyday?  Anywhere you look there are hurting people around us that just need a smile or someone to make them feel valued.  Isn't that sharing the Gospel, too?  Little by little the Lord is showing me that I can fulfill my calling...the very calling He gave me in that small group Bible study on that hot summer day...right where I am.  And honestly, as I realize that more and more each day, I get pretty excited about it.

Did you know you have a calling of God on your life?  Ask the Father to reveal it to you.  He will and you might be surprised in learning He's had this calling on you for a while now.  He's just waiting for us to figure it out.  Let's not wait any longer.

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