Saturday, October 15, 2011

Day 15 Lessons

Well, it's Saturday and around here, it's been a Saturday full of lessons. Lessons being taught.  Lessons being learned. 

I nearly went into a full blown depression the week my first-born started kindergarten.  It was hard for me to accept how fast he was growing, but my biggest challenge was letting him go.  I knew how his heart would be corrupted.  I was very aware at how quickly he would learn about cruelty and teasing.  I feared the pressure he would feel to fit in and make good grades.  My little perfectionist boy, I knew, would be heartbroken the first time he didn't make a 100 % on a test.  And every fear I had has come true.  Today served up a big reminder of how corruptable the world really is.  After a minor blow up in an outlet store and a "I'm gonna spank you in front of God and everyone if you don't get over here" threat in another store, I could easily fall into a lump of defeat on my living room floor.

How sweet is our Father's voice! I'm thankful for His gentle reminders of grace, forgiveness and love. I'm reminded that I wouldn't have a good understanding of God's peace, His convictions, His forgiveness, and most importantly, His love, if it weren't for all the times in my own life where I failed miserably time and time again. We enter this world lost, and I pray my sweet child will very soon understand that although he lives in a lost world as a lost soul, there is One who came to save and has overcome the world. I pray that as his mom, I can help my boy see his real need for Jesus. And the lessons taught and learned today, hopefully, pointed straight to Him.

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