Monday, December 16, 2013

Too Busy To Listen

Y'all.  This has not been my most impressive moment in the sun.  Let's just say I have NOT been on my best behavior and my level of patience is at an all time low.  The past couple of months have been some of the hardest months we've had to face as a family in a long time, maybe ever.  And as much as I'd like to sing the praises of our Heavenly Father, I found myself struggling this morning to feel worthy of such a gesture. 

Our house caught on fire on October 15.  Thankfully, no one was hurt and all of our possessions were unharmed.  Inconveniently, we had to move out of our home while builders and contractors put it back together.  We moved back in last Thursday and it feels great to be back home.  But the stress of the two moves, as you can imagine, was a bit much at times.  (I know!  First-world probs!)  As a result, though, I found myself this morning feeling undeserving of God's love and unworthy of His presence.

That is, until I read today's post from Jesus Calling.  As anyone would be, I have been acting feverishly to get our house unpacked and us settled in.  I have given little to zero time with the Lord, and the task of moving in became the first and only priority within my heart.  I've struggled with not "feeling" the Lord's presence, and even told my husband just last night outside of being back in our house, I feel so very disconnected from everything and everyone...including God.  As I took a minute to sit down this morning, I found myself longing for Abba Father and this is what He said to me...

"I desire to talk with all of my children, but many are too busy to listen.  The "work ethic" has them tied up in knots.  They submit wholeheartedly to this taskmaster, wondering why they feel so distant from Me." -Jesus Calling

I am so grateful for a God who knows exactly what to speak to my heart.  Outside of Scripture, the words He speaks aren't necessarily audible, but consist of moments of peace, love, joy, and hope.  That is His love language to us...if we'd just take the time to listen. 

Thank you, Father God, for not giving up on me and drawing me back into You.  You are my Lifeline.

How about you?  What's keeping you from stopping and listening?