Tuesday, October 25, 2011

Day 25 Friend Of A Wounded Heart

This post is dedicated to those who would rather hide behind their fake "fines," their shallow "hellos," and their "on the surface" conversations.  Sometimes it's just easier to keep our lives to ourselves because it's just too exhausting to tell someone else our problems.  It's even harder if we have trust issues.  For all of you who'd rather crawl under a rock than expose the "real you," this post is for you.  When you get tired of smiling as to convince others that you are really happy, when you get tired of saying you're fine when you're not, when you get tired of trying to fill the empty longing in your soul...listen to this and be reminded.  No one is a friend like Jesus, the One True Friend Of A Wounded Heart.  Enjoy...

Friend Of A Wounded Heart

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