Monday, January 30, 2012

Pray On!

It is hard being a parent.  It is NOT for the weak at heart, ya know?  I fail at parenting everyday.  Some days are better than others.  It is a total learning process and just when I've mastered one thing, a new challenge faces me dead-on as soon as I round the corner. 

The hubs and I try to keep it real around the homestead.  We definitely try to pick our battles when it comes to child rearing.  And praise God we agree on the same disciplining methods.  It is rare that we disagree on matters regarding our children especially when it comes to spiritual matters.  So, as we do this thing called life together, it can be frustrating when we pour our heart, soul and prayers into our children just to have them come back void.  Or do they?

I often ask the Lord to help my children understand who He is.  I ask Him to help them, even at 7 and 4-years-old, to get a hold of who He really is in their young lives.  I ask Him, also, to help them fall in love with Jesus and to see the importance of God's Word in their lives.  I even ask Him to help them fall in love with His Word and to see that it brings life to their young spirits...that they would come to depend on it even as young as they are.  This has been a prayer I've been faithful to say, but haven't quite "seen" much as a result of saying it.  Until Saturday...

My oldest had been in his room doing what we assumed was playing with his toys.  As my hubs and I were hanging out in the living room, our oldest walked out, sat on the couch with his Bible in hand, and said, "I've been reading my Bible and I found a verse I really like."  My ears perked up.  So, with anticipation I encouraged him to tell us more.  He opened his Bible to Luke and I could see how he had circled a verse right in the middle of the page.  He looked at the circled verse silently, looked up at me, shut his Bible, and then said, "The Lord will command his angels to take good care of you.  They will lift you up in their hands.  Then you won't trip over a stone." (Luke 4:10-11 NIrV)

As I spent time with the Lord this morning, I was struck by something.  For as many prayers as I've thrown up in regards to my children, there is one request I have made to God over and over and over since becoming a mother.  Simply, I've asked Him to love me by loving my children.  And as I sat in His sweet presence this morning, I basked in the love He has for me through the love He has shown to my precious children.  I realized that my son had an experience with the Lord in his room on Saturday.  I've asked God to reveal Himself to my son.  He did.  I've asked the Lord to help my child understand who He is.  He is doing just that.  I've asked the Lord to help my oldest see the importance of His Holy Word.  He is doing that, too. 

For you see?  The Lord interacted with my child.  His Holy Spirit led my son to a place in the Bible that showed my son that He, our God, will take good care of him...that He sends His angels to guard over my baby's life.  What a sweet moment that must've been between my child and His Heavenly Father.

Reader, you better believe the Lord hears our cries.  And I believe nothing gives Him more pleasure than answering them especially when the prayer involves the revealing of His power and love for His children.  Pray on, sweet friends.  Pray. On.



  1. Praise God He does hear our prayers. Thanks for sharing Lindsey.