Thursday, March 21, 2013

A Reflection

The love of Christ overwhelms me. 

His presence, when strong, takes my breath away. 

His compassion sings over me while His grace steals my heart. 

I do not have to understand Him. 

I do not have to explain His mysteries. 

He asks only that I know Him. 

Yes, His ways are complex. 

Yet, His instruction is simple. 

He is my source of self-worth. 

He clothes me with His strength and His dignity. 

My self-esteem comes from the One who created me. 

He knows me best. 

People fail me.  My Savior will not forsake me. 

My flesh tempts me, but His Holy Spirit prevails. 

His Son saved me. 

My sin He carried. 

My shortcomings were nailed to a cross while His broken body covered them. 

His last breath, He took, after saying, "It is finished." 

God's glory was revealed when He overcame death. 

His Son is my Savior. 

Because He lives, I will see His face. 

I knew Him.  I know Him.  I want to know Him more. 

He is King Jesus. 

And I am His princess.


  1. Beautiful! What a wonderful gift you have been given to be able to express yourself this way. I love this time of year when we get to experience the Death and Resurrection of Jesus and know that we are forever forgiven.

  2. Such beautiful truths! I am always blessed through your blog. Thank you for sharing so freely. I'm so glad Jesus is our Salvation, Strength, and our Song.