Wednesday, April 18, 2012

Life Lately

OK, y'all, let's lighten things up a bit.  Shall we?  I'm so thankful to the World Wide Web for giving us access to create blogs and share our lives with anyone who cares to know, and I love being able to use this blog to share my thoughts, issues and concerns.  But this post is dedicated to just normal everyday mundane life happenings.  Aren't you excited?  I bet you're sitting on pins and needles.  Lately...

1.  Everyone of our family members has been sick.  It started with the 2 older boys two weeks ago.  First my oldest got sick; then his brother.  We had a few days where everyone seemed to be getting better until the hubs came home sick one day after work.  A couple of days later, I got the same thing, and a couple days after that, the baby got sick.  You can imagine how thrilled I was yesterday when my middle child start running fever.  I nearly slit my throat.

2.  We have a chihuahua named Honey.  She's 11-years-old, a whopping 4 pounds, and really keeps to herself.  She's great with the kids.  She's not one of those yappin' kind of chihuahuas and before we had kids, she was the center of our world.  I've felt guilty about how since having kids the attention we give her amounts to a grand total of ZERO.  OK, I really don't feel guilty.  She's cute.  She's sweet.  She's well behaved.  Except for one tiny (NOT tiny) thing - she pees on the carpet in my son's room.  I never can catch her in the act, but there are several spots in his room that I can't get rid of because she sneaks in there when we're not watching and pops a squat.  I'm at my wits end, y'all!  I can't get rid of the stains, the smell.  Someone please help me!!

3.  Baseball season has kicked off 'round here and I couldn't be more excited!  My oldest had his first game last week, and my other sweet boy will start practice in a couple of weeks.  His tee ball schedule will kick off in May.  I knew it was going to be a challenge for me when every time my oldest hit the ball, I would yell at the top of my lungs.  Everyone looked at me because it wasn't an actual game; it was just practice.  Don't you know how proud my husband is to sit beside me at an actual game?!  Just look for the crazy woman in the stands with a baseball jersey that reads Baseball Mom on the back.  Did I mention my amazing collection of baseball jewelry?

Well, that should be enough for now.  Riveting, I know.  Now that you're caught up, life can begin again.  ;)  Thank you to the person who actually reads this blog.  You know who you are; the one who shares my same last name.  Hope life is great with you.  Remember, Jesus is the answer and His Word will change your life.  Holla!!



  1. BAHAHAHA! I promise you- MORE THAN JUST ME- reads your blog. But you know how proud I am of you, so I can't help but comment everytime. Will y'all get WELL already? I am ready to lay my hands on all of y'all.

  2. Rebecca Lee GuilloryApril 18, 2012 at 4:36 PM

    Really cute blog Linds. :) Hope you all get well very soon. Loves <3

  3. funny you bring up this life stuff :-) one of the reasons i haven't responded to this blog since last memory verse is cause life is crazy over here. my husband works approx. 60-70 hours a week and we had a girl a work have a baby so i have been working twice as much as normal, so about 30 hours a week. i cannot keep up with it all! ava started soccer, on top of she is already in gymnastics and violin. carson started baseball, on top of he is heavily involved in bells and choir at church. both my children had birthdays this month so 1 party this last sunday and 1 party the sunday before that. to top it off, my youngest nephew and carson's bestest friend has the same exact birthday as carson. so birthday parties every weekend of the month on top of everything else. don't forget the kickball team that my husband put myself and him on that plays on tuesday nights! Carson played Charlie Bucket in the 2nd grade school play a couple of weeks ago (got the part cause he could burp on queue. WE ARE SO PROUD! :-)) CRAZY BUSY! haven't felt like i could i am going to be memorizing my Romans 8:32 verse for another 2 weeks.
    i really hope ya'll are doing better! and i like reading the life stuff, so feel free to blog it any time! sooooo wish you lived closer..........