Monday, February 16, 2015

Quit Playing It Safe

There are lots of things I am terrible at doing.  Like baking, for instance.  Or cleaning.  Oh, and math.  I’m terrible at math.  But some things like writing and organizing, I’m not too shabby at doing.  Oh, and talking - I’m great at gab - especially when it comes to mindless things.  But you get me going on something I am passionate about?!  

Not too many people I know say, “When I grow up I want to talk about sex.”  Honestly, that is not what I said either.  But as things would turn out, that is exactly what I am doing with my life.  And I could not be more excited, more thrilled, and more in love with my job than I am in this moment right now. 

I remember hearing someone once say, “You cannot amputate your history from your destiny.”  It made zero sense at the time.  But as I sit today, in this moment and realize what God has brought me through, that statement makes perfect sense.

Recently, God called me to start a ministry with the purpose of helping people find freedom from sexual sin.  Specifically, God has asked me to help men and women find freedom that only comes from the redemptive power found in Jesus Christ when they surrender their lives to Him.  Surrender means letting go of those things that have them, all of us, by the throat – lust, pornography, adultery, divorce, addiction, abuse, bad habits, prostitution, promiscuity, SIN.  Initially, I felt very overwhelmed by the call, by the task.  I still do at times.  But then I remembered exactly what my God has brought me through and redeemed me from. 

No, I cannot amputate my history from my destiny.  BUT…

My history and my future, and therefore my destiny, share the same root – Jesus Christ.

God has a calling on your life, as well.  And it is beyond your wildest dreams.  No, I never could have imagined being in this place for such a time as this.  The journey has been long and painful.  But so far, it has been worth it all.  The risk IS great.  The cost IS high.  And wouldn’t it?  And shouldn’t it?  After all, Christ gave His life for me and for you.  Shouldn’t there be some cost, some risk for following Him?

Over the weekend, while America watched 50 Shades of Grey, 21 men lost their lives for the cause of Christ at the hands of ISIS.  While men and women (yes, CHRISTIAN men and women) paid for and viewed pornography, Jesus welcomed (stood in their honor, I bet) 21 brave men as they entered Heaven. 

YES, the cost is high.  The risk is great.  The choice is hard.  But the reward is GREAT.  His Glory – our reward.

You have a calling.  You have a God-authored, Jesus-ordained calling on your life.  Don't play it safe.  Our world has enough Christian people playing it safe.  Jesus is so worth the risk.
Now, go fulfill your beautiful purpose.

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