Saturday, February 18, 2012

A Rocky Boy Tribute

When the hubs and I were engaged, we got our first puppy together.  It was a 2 pound chihuahua we named Honey.  She was our pride and joy.  We loved her so much and still do.  Your first "child" always holds a special place in your heart.  She still does since we are so thankful she is still a part of our family.  She turned 11 in December and we hope to celebrate several more birthdays with her.  I tell you about Honey so that you'll know how much dogs mean to our family.  They are a huge part of our lives.  There is no doubt that we are dog people.  Totally.

A few years after we got Honey we decided to have another doggie child.  We knew quickly that we wanted a Boxer and after searching for a while, we found the perfect one.  It was love at first sight.  He, to us, seemed like the pick of the litter.  While all of his rowdy brothers and sisters were running about, there he sat on his hind legs, still as he could be, and perfectly cute as could be.  It was a match made in Heaven.  We couldn't wait to get him home and start our new lives together as a family of four - dad, mom, big sister Honey, and little brother Rocky.

You can imagine our shock and disappointment when we got home only to learn Rocky was a bit more hyper than we anticipated.  He thoroughly enjoyed bouncing around our tiny apartment.  It just wasn't the same to nap on the floor.  He much preferred the couch or our bed.  And who needs to actually pee outside when you can just take care of your business right there on the carpet?  Just like any new parents, we were exhausted.  Did I mention cute little Boxer puppies grow up to be big Boxer dogs?

At night, we would kennel Rocky, and I remember hearing Rocky move in his kennel.  I would shoot straight up out of bed because I knew what was coming next.  And then it would happen.  He would stand up and pee right in the floor of his kennel.  The force of his urine was so strong, it would splatter all over the wall and bedspread of the bed in our guest bedroom.  Usually I would run in there and try to take him outside before he had time to pee, but I often didn't make it in time.

We were so relieved to move out of the apartment and into a house with a large backyard for Rocky to run and play.  He loved being outside and we loved having him outside.  Not just for the safety and purification of my carpets, but because he loved having the freedom to run and play.  He was a great guard dog.  I always felt so safe knowing he was out there keeping watch over the comings and goings on our country dirt road. 

Sadly, Rocky passed away today.  We knew he had cancer and had also battled heart worms.  (We really tried to avoid this happening through regular heartworm treatments.  But they don't always work 100% of the time.)  I knew his time was coming but these things always catch you by surprise.  I don't care how much you try to prepare yourself for the heartbreak, you can never prepare enough.  It always stings.  Of course, we gave Rocky a proper burial in our backyard, and I know it will be sweet to have the opportunity to honor his sweet life each time we see his grave.

So, this blog post is for our Rocky Boy.  Rocky, we already miss you so very much.  You left an impression in our hearts.  And here is what we vow to never forget about you...

You were always so excited to see us come home.  You would wag your tail and I swear, you'd smile at us.  Your nose had a way of curling up out of excitement which is why one of your nicknames was Curly Nose.

You loved chasing the neighbor's cars.  But you had a way of discriminating.  You didn't chase every neighbor's car...just one in particular.  I think you knew it annoyed them because as they drove by, they would roll down their window and yell at you to get out of the way.  This negative interaction had a way of energizing you.  You just kept right on chasing them.  And if you were feeling really spunky, you would bite at their tires.

As your mother, you must know how special you are to me.  Not only were you my first doggie son, but you were the big brother to all 3 of my children.  Each time we brought a baby home from the hospital, you were the first one to greet them.  You would take a sniff of each of their little heads and this was your way of approving their existence.  When the boys played outside, you were always at their side walking next to them as they played in the yard or went on adventures along their nature trails created by them and/or their dad.  If you weren't walking alongside them, you were sitting nearby watching carefully so that no one would get too close.  You were an amazing guard dog.

You loved your big sister Honey.  Although Honey grew up to be a whole 4 pounds, she always treated you as if she was bigger and in charge.  She was, by definition, the Alpha Dog.  And you always respected her for that.  Although you had every right to be jealous since she was the "Inside Dog" and you were the "Outside Dog," you never did.  You loved her and would go crazy if the other neighborhood dogs got anywhere near her.  I know she misses you.

Yes indeed, Rocky Boy.  You were a great dog.  We love you and miss you.  You will never be forgotten.  Rest in peace, Curly Nose.  Rest in peace.


  1. Oh my goodness- I totally teared up! Seriously, had to choke back the tears. I will never forget how Rocky greeted me- Always happy to see me and happy to see our family! Such spunk and energy. He will be missed. There is no doubt that Rocky is tearing up the streets of Doggy Heaven right now :)

  2. I got teary-eyed, too! Not just because I know how special a bond can be between a woman and her pet, but also because I lost a pet this day, too. My cat, Nick, that I had for 15 years also died on Saturday. I had been praying about this specific day for a while, but it doesn't ease the pain. Prayers are being sent your way for the loss of a family member.